by Fiddlehead Soup

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Miles 02:57
Miles There are thousands of miles between us There are bundles of letters unsent There are words never spoken and promises broken Illusions of love we invent There are so many reasons to leave here There are not many reasons to stay But whatever direction I turn my affection I know that I’m going to pay Blocking out our faults in a display of purity Extended Ramadan without a god to oversee Trading fragile pledges for elusive clarity We pretend - we'll not suffer for our sins There are no distant lands to discover The sunsets are all very plain Are we reaching the end, The invisible bend? Is this something we need to explain? Are we turning our backs on forever? Are we facing alternative views? With the realization that each destination Is not what the other would choose? Once the ball is rolling it’s too late to call a halt Filling out the scorecard to determine who’s at fault Strangled by the details missing out on the gestalt In the end, it's clear that no one wins.
The Grand Design The Grand Design And its subsequence The bitter Fall And its consequence The stern avenging angel Casts her weary warning eye Grounded adulation Dreams were never meant to fly A-hooh x2 Dark as the oak Guilt and innocence Deeper despair Sheer magnificence Lost within the forest How fortunate a trail to find! To dissipate the burden Transgressions linger far behind A-hooh x 4 Singer of songs Lay your story down Bundle the tales Bear the jaded crown Blessed within the cloister Walls contain the failing voice Kneel before the idol Imagine that there is a choice A-hooh x 4
Broken Souls 03:30
Broken Souls Aren't we all broken souls? Aren't we all broken souls? Waiting for someone to try fill in the gaps Someone to say I see the cracks And think they're beautiful I think you're beautiful x2 Living in a riven dream We're living in a riven dream Searching for semblance of warmth against the cold Our imperfections oversold I think they're beautiful I think you're beautiful x2
Bear's Jig 02:31
I Am Alive 04:50
I Am Alive Lullabies Feigning Sleep while fortune steals our lives All at sea When we're found who knows who we will be? Washed ashore Is this the place that we've been looking for? Kiss the strand Press the soil between my weathered hands I am I am I am alive I am I am I am alive Sacred lies Numbing senses worn with plaintive cries Born of greed Raised within the confines of the creed Begging more Reminder of the truth a painful sore Pinch my hand Wakefulness imposes her demand I am... Instrumental Open eyes Reluctantly the silken rope unties Breathing free Turn to face the creature stalking me Bless the sky A stranger winks an understanding eye Hold my ground Observing the awoken gather round I am... Instrumental
Focus 03:08
Lyrics: All hands revealed Choking on falsehood, the barnacles bare Forcing control of the story from there Some wounds won't heal Taking a break for the crowd to confer Mutter in corners and try to defer Focus on the light Focus on the light Take the long road back Try not to see all the faces you missed Try not to visit the places you kissed Ruing what you lack The inarticulate blackness of soul The all-encompassing lack of control Focus on the light Focus on the light Spy an empty friend Discover a memory lurking at bay Watching the sun at the end of the day State what you intend Play out the story next time in reverse Accept there are things that we cannot rehearse. Focus on the light Focus on the light
Moving On 05:01
Abeyance 04:50
Streams become rivers Rivers meet the seas Yet I wait Days bleed to seasons Fears become reasons Still I wait Trimming the past like an overgrown tree Removing all trace of what used to be me Abeyance x2 Roads spread before me Beckon me onwards Yet I wait Fire burns behind me Hope now unbinds me Still I wait Pause at the moment I make my resolve And the brief opportunity's door will revolve Abeyance x3 instrumental Moods overcome me To lead me astray So I wait A vision most fleeting A chance of a meeting Here I wait I find my alterity harder to bear As I watch my descendency into despair Abeyance X4
Can't. Again. Change Lives forever altered by decree Circumstances alien to me Removing any chance of living free Results of intervention gone awry Or mindless faith and all that would imply Financial games that always underlie Can't Again x 2 I can't friend Miles Consigning all our memories to dust Only moving on because we must No matter that the reason is unjust Nothing left except to walk and pray An injured son too weak to greet the day Burying our hopes among the clay Can't... Scars Invisible to eyes that judge the skin Treating my realities as sin Ignorant of deep desire within Welcoming. With fist behind the back The basic understanding that they lack The best defense, they think, is to attack Can't... Rules Cannot hang my shingle on the wall Or practice my profession here at all The colour bar alive in Montreal. A doctor spends his life among the ill A checkout clerk remains behind the till I do the things I must to pay the bill.


released July 25, 2017

Recorded at Fat Dog Productions in Ottawa by Captain Chad Nesrallah.
Album cover design by Glenn Torresan.
Cover art: "Yellow Dress" ©2015


all rights reserved



Fiddlehead Soup Oxford Mills, Ontario

"World folk and fiddle music group Fiddlehead Soup is an energetic trio of musicians as engaging as they are talented... Singing songs from the traditions of multiple countries and in multiple languages as well as their own artfully constructed material, Fiddlehead Soup does an incredible job of making the difficult look not only effortless, but fun!"
-Bruce Enlo
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